JIL is a semiannual open-access double-blind peer-reviewed international journal that promotes high-quality Indigenous Languages. JIL publishes original, unpublished articles which are not under consideration or review in any other academic conference, book, or journal. The manuscripts received by JIL undergo a process of double-blind peer review by experts in the field of Indigenous Languages.

The objective of JIL lies in providing high-quality and open access for established and emerging scholars to share and distribute their indigenous research knowledge toward preserving and sustaining Indigenous Languages.

JIS is a semiannual journal, that publishes two issues in June and November each year. However, manuscript submissions and publications are continuous throughout the year. Our readership includes scholars, practitioners, and students who are interested in the discipline of Indigenous Languages.

JIL accepts submissions of various that may be (1) empirical studies, (2) reviews of papers, (3) case studies, (4) proposed conceptual models, (5) theoretical articles, and (6) practice-oriented papers.

Mission and Aim

Every article published by JIL passes through a double-blind peer-reviewed process to ensure high standards of quality publication and academic rigor are meet. The process begins with our experienced academic editors review on each article based on its merit and integrity, ensuring that all research published in JIL is credible and valuable to the academic community. After the editorial review, suitable articles are sent to at least two experts in the subject matter for a peer review process. The goal, mission, and aim of JIL are:

  • Goal: JIL intends to provide a platform for high-quality and original research paper publication that seeks to provide new insights, theories, and practical knowledge in indigenous language for scholars, students, practitioners, policymakers, and other stakeholders.
  • Aim: JIL aims to provide a platform for established and emerging scholars in the fields to share their knowledge, expertise, ideas, and research findings in high-quality peer-reviewed publications. Overall, JIL aims to promote and sustain indigenous languages globally.
  • Mission: To encourage interdisciplinary research and discussion that aids in the sharing of Indigenous Languages ideas between academics, students, and¬†practitioners¬†and disseminating their knowledge in high-quality, peer-reviewed open-access publications and helps society advance in theory and practice.

Every submitted manuscript must have the abstract written in English and Indigenous Language.