Jozac Academic Voice <p>Short papers (articles). Jozac Academic Voice (JAV) presents the platforms for academics across disciplines to publish short papers (articles) like academic expression (brief paper), short essays, case studies, observation, a roundup from published work, trending academic issues, and research gaps. All papers will be published fast and circulated to the audience.</p> <p><strong>Aim:</strong> Promoting academic voices.</p> <p>No <strong>Publication Fees </strong>or <strong>Article Processing Charges (APCs)</strong> for manuscript submission, processing, and publication.</p> Jozac Publishers en-US Jozac Academic Voice 0000-0000 Understanding global cultural changes in the lens of intercultural interactions and technological advancements: A systematic literature review <p>This literature review delves into the impact of intercultural interactions and technological advancements on global cultural changes. The study analyzes literature from 2010 to the present to explore how the Internet has accelerated globalization and influenced intercultural communication. The research aims to understand how these factors shape the ever-evolving global cultural dynamics. This study utilized a qualitative approach; this review examined 20 papers using 3 inclusion and exclusion criteria, ultimately selecting 11 as samples. The literature review findings showed that: 1.) People adopt new practices from different cultures, leading to a cultural shift. 2.) While the internet helps maintain unique cultural identities. These findings inspire future research to develop a theoretical framework for understanding the intricate dynamics of global cultural changes.</p> Lydi Ken Ambus Charry Oñez Kanneyla Porio Samerah Sabejon Copyright (c) 2024 Lydi Ken Ambus, Charry Oñez, Kanneyla Porio, Samerah Sabejon 2024-02-01 2024-02-01 4 1 1 6 10.57040/jav.v4i1.567