About the Journal

JAHCA is an interdisciplinary and quality peer-reviewed open-access journal. All papers submitted to JAHCA are double-blinded peer-reviewed by experts in the area of African Art, Anthropology, Culture, and the Arts. JAHCA only accepts and publishes original articles which are not under consideration or review in any journal.

JAHCA aims to encourage and offer seasoned and young researchers to share knowledge and research through open access in the growing field of African Culture, History, Anthropology, and Art. JAHCA welcome both theoretical and empirical paper submission covering a range of topics such as African Art, African Art History, African Religion, African Culture, Indigenous African Art, Contemporary African Art, Art Installations from conventional and non-conventional materials, Artists' biographic studies, and portfolios, Indigenous Knowledge Systems, Museum Studies, Cultural tourism, Visual Culture, Creativity, Cultural Education, Pedagogy of Visual Arts that aim at promoting the study of Visual, Performing, and Verbal Arts on the African continent and the African diaspora, and many more.

JACHAA publishes journal papers quarterly (four times a year). Our audience includes researchers and students in African Art and Culture, practitioners of African Art and Culture, policymakers, government agents, NGOs, professionals, academia, and many more.

Mission and Aim

The mission of JAHCA is to make studies on African Art, African Culture, African Religion, African Philosophy, Museum Studies, African Art History, and Anthropology available and accessible to scholars and practitioners in these pluridisciplinary fields.

The overall aim of the journal is to allow scholars and practitioners globally to explore the interdisciplinary knowledge, ideas, and practice of African Art, Culture, History, and Anthropology.

Every article is reviewed based on its own integrity and merit by our experienced academic editors in the peer-reviewed process.